This year, Thought Studio has designed a hackathon for people of different skill levels. People can come together and collaborate to solve global issues. You don’t need to be a programmer to participate!  In accordance with this year’s pandemic, we have chosen some of the most concerning issues in our society, and participants are asked to give some insight to help.

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Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


You have to be a high school student, and you do not have to have any coding experience. 


Submission Expectations


Your submission could be presented in four ways. It could either be a paper outline, a website/app (non-code based), or a code based website/app. But remember, no matter what form it takes, some general requirements have to be met for this submission to be valid.


General Requirement:

  • Should contains the group’s solution, impact, procedure, as well as the research done which supports their solution

  • Should contains various perspectives, potential problems, and the benefits (multi-layered)

  • Has to be original

  • Includes a detailed plan to persuade the judges

  • Prepare a final presentation to explain your final product, please refer to “Presentation Requirements” at the bottom of the page for further instructions.

  • Include a bibliography page at the end of your submission

Requirements for each subcategory:

  1. Paper outline

  • Draft the solution in a text-based program (doc, paper)

  • A detailed plan including general ideas & steps

  • Designs and sketches for potential website / app may be included.

  1. Website / app (non-code based)

  • Could be built with an app (eg. Wix or Scratch) that does not require coding experience

  • Should solve a part of the problem, and provide a vision for further development

  • Include the purpose of the program and as well as the impact it has

  • Should be multi-layered as in the layout

  1. Website / app (code based)

  • Should be functional, and have interactive functions

  • Should include your own code, even if it is made with a web-building app (eg. Wix)

  • Can be navigated through effectively or at least to some extent

  • Should have a purpose other than just providing information (unlike a research paper)


Presentation Requirement 

  • Within 8 minutes

  • Include an explanation of why you chose the theme you picked

  • Should include a compelling argument on why your product is worthy

  • A 2-3 minutes discussion period for Q&A will be included at the end of every presentation

  • Presentation should be digital, like a slideshow of some sort(eg. powerpoint)


Kristina Carroll

Kristina Carroll
Impact Initiatives

Judging Criteria

  • Paper outline (research)
    Draft the solution in text-based programme.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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